Prevention Plus

Private program for patients beyond what is covered by health insurance

This program is designed for the most demanding clients who require the best care available.
It is for clients of any age who want to take advantage of the above-standard care provided by our clinic.
It is a one-off preventive examination beyond what is covered by health insurance, aimed at the early prevention of civilization diseases, as well as oncological ones.


  • Determination of the current state of the patient’s health
  • Dietary recommendations (or pharmacological measures)
  • Measurement of blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate, BMI (body mass index) and waist circumference
  • Examination of eyesight and hearing
  • Preventive oncological examination
  • Diagnosis of a risky cardio-cerebrovascular profile
  • Laboratory tests - liver and biliary tract, kidneys, thyroid gland, blood sugar, cholesterol and other blood lipids, blood count and blood sedimentation, uric acid, biochemical and microscopic examination of urine
  • ECG
  • Testing for blood in stools for the purposes of colorectal carcinoma screening
  • PSA exam (prostate cancer)
Price: 3 600 CZK
Premium Program Prevention Plus